September 27, 2022

Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners is a popular role-playing game type of RPG with intuitive and gaming battles. The game was launched in 2018 and it continues to attract RPG players and gaming beginners. Grand Summoners pairs smooth two-dimensional (2D) style graphics with hosts of color characters to use and collect.

Grand Summoners futures

Even though the genre is oversaturated, the game provides the most features and content that players love to game. Grand Summoners allows players to participate in various activities and complete multiple quests in game.

When players first starts to play the game, they will be able to roll in to obtain characters. Since Grand Summoners is based on a gacha system, players can’t choose their characters. However, if players are unhappy with the character they obtained, they can re-roll in new character. It is important to note that rerolling requires players to reset their game and all the data.


After obtaining a character, players are able to progress through the main story. While completing the main quests, players can collect resources and earn a lot of experience points (XP). If players obtain enough experience (XP), they will be able to rank up.

It’s important to note that each rank replenishes the characters energy. Players will need energy resources to participate in the game activities. This does not apply to new players. Grand Summoners reduces the energy cost of the main story battles for the first couple days. Players will thus be able to save the energy for later in games.


While progressing through the main storyline, players will get across various side quests. Even though the side quests are not mandatory, players can receive a different rewards as additional units. It is recommended that players maintain a balanced team of characters to finish the main storyline and the side quest.

Final Words

Grand Summoners features over hundred characters, known as units, that players can collect. The units are divided into 5 distinct categories based on their roles in the combat. These are Healers, Breakers, Defenders, Supporters, and Attackers.