February 5, 2023


SimCity: BuildIt is a mobile simulation game for building a city. The game was developed by TrackTwenty and released by Electronic Arts and launched in late 2014. The game is part of the SimCity franchise and is available for download for iOS, Android and Amazon app stores.
This game allows users to deal with real situations such as fire, dirt, pollution and traffic, and helps solve the problems facing the audience. Players can join and compete with other users for more connected games.

Beginning of SimCity

The game is starting with 25,000 simoleons and 50 simcash in hand. Buildings are moved manually. Business and industrial buildings are producing items and residential needs require to upgrade higher density. Factories can also be upgraded, but it need demolishing from the original building when there is nothing in production in the moment, then it can be replaced with new one.

Seasons in Simcity Buildit

There are also special buildings based on seasonal tournaments; and based on holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving, which can take place in the city.

Each season is played every three months, with building class categories being awarded each season for a limited period of time, such as film studio buildings, amusement park buildings, Wild West buildings, major specialty buildings, other university buildings, parade buildings and real estate-based buildings with world promotions such as the promotion of potato chips Lays Max.

Once players have access to all available urban space, they can easily store or exchange these buildings. The game has five other areas where players can switch and develop. It expands the game with a number of new countries, buildings and materials and also allows players to use the seasonal buildings


Players can use the construction tool to create only two lined roads. Players will not be able to manually create higher capacity roads, they need to upgrade them. Initially, only two, four and six lanes will be available for upgrading; three more types of roads (street car avenues, boulevards and avenues) were introduced in the Disasters update.

What was the Disaster Update?

Disaster update allows players to trigger disasters (meteor collisions, earthquakes, etc.) in their own city. Each disaster has three levels that players can unlock. Players unlock this level by triggering disasters. Players can get golden keys from the Disasters.

Players Character

Users act as mayors of their city and decide how to keep their people in the city happy. If players do this, they are earning a tax from City Hall. If players have a lot of people, players take care of a lot of taxes (“simoleons”). Users can trade, chat and join other players’ clubs.


One of the updates added regions, different terrain types to build cities, each with its own local factories and commercial supplies. Initially, the player can choose only one of the available 5, but when he reaches a certain population, he can choose another region to build, and so on. The 5 available regions are as follows: Green Valley, with Recycled Fabric and Cotton Bags; Cactus Canyon, with supplies such as Oil and Tires; Limestone Cliffs, with products related to String and/or Silk; Frosty Fjords and Sunny Isles.

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