February 5, 2023

Gems for Clash Royale are the premium currency when you are starting out with the game. When you get in and start playing for the first time you start with 100 gems. You can earn additional gems in-game when opening Crown Chests, also from the shop or Trophy Roads for free, with special challenges in Wars or purchasing with real money. The gems can be used to buy items, do some challenges, unlock chests and many more. You can also use online generators or hacks to generate them but we do not advise you to use them, can get banned in the game if the generators are not that good.

Crown Chests

First and the best way on getting free gems for clash royale is by opening crown chests. There are multiple ways to get the chests:

  1. Buying using Gems
  2. Unlocking them from a Challenge or Tournament
  3. Receiving them as a Clan War reward
  4. Winning them in battles

Real Money

Every game in the store you get for free or buy it, there are in-game purchase where you can buy stuff with real money. As every game, real money in clash royale will get you gems, you were looking for free gems but come on everything in the world is about the money.

Clash Royale Generators

Online generators are all over the internet where they find some glitches or something in the game, create some generators and give you stuff for free. Are there generators for clash royale? Of course there are bunch of generators, but that depends on you which one to use. We tested some of the generators, good amount of the generators worked, i would say 40%, but 60% didn’t work.